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When choosing a table for your event, keep in mind the shape of the room, the height of the ceiling, and the number of guest. Choosing a table that will seat more people will cut down in the number of linens, centerpieces, and tableware.

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Tables Sizes

4′ x 30″ Banquet 24″ Round 42″ High
6′ x 30″ Banquet 30″ Round
8′ x 18″ School House 36″ Round
8′ x 30″ Banquet 60″ Round
8′ x 40″ Farmhouse 36″ Square
24″ Round 30″ High 60″ Square
30″ Round 8″ Serpentine
36″ Round Half Round with Riser
 48″ Round Bar Riser for 4′ or 8′ Tables

Chair Type

White Metal Folding
Black Metal Folding
White Wooden Folding
Mahogany Chiavari Chair
White Resin Folding
Wooden High Chair
White Wooden, Natural Wood, and Magahony Chaivari Chairs
Farmhouse Table
60" Round Table with White Metal Folding Chair

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